Wednesday, 27 January 2016

What do I do all day? (Wednesday)

Mid point in my week of blogs...


There's nothing like the sound of running water to calm you... and make you desperate for the loo. I spent the morning re-examining some of the key specimens and making extensive notes, but the room I did it in was right next to the Dr Leonard P Annectens office. All morning the sound of his water filters made me slightly uncomfortable...

Dr Lenny in his office. He came to Bristol to be dissected, but ended up joining the staff. Strange, usually it goes the other way around...

He's a handsome fellow. Look at those sweet, milky white eyes.
Today has been another collaborative one, chatting with Roger Benson from Oxford University about work on Skye and the scattered collections of Robert Savage. I'll be joining the Oxford team as well as the Edinburgh one to carry out field work in Skye later this year (and I'll blog about it, so watch this space!). Days like today - full of discussing and planning - don't make for great blogs... but I have found a few more interesting things to share with you.

The room I was working in contains some of Bristol's teaching materials, and many of them are mammalian (Cenozoic rather than Mesozoic). There is the fascinating Cupboard of the Horses, the impressive Shelf of the Elephants, and the less impressive Shelf of the Ancient Moth-eaten Replica reptiles.

The Cupboard of the Horses (a little known Jean M Auel sequel)

The Shelf of the Elephants.

A dead bat. Look at those wonderful fingers.

I know, it's hardly a white knuckle-ride, but it's the best I could do!
After spending the afternoon writing emails, I retired to spend the evening working on analyses from my Masters thesis, preparing for publication. And eating curry. Lots of curry.

Tune in tomorrow for another day in the exciting life of a PhD researcher.

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