Monday, 30 June 2014

Giant Science Weddings

I'm not saying that every person who works in one of the many glorious fields of science wants to theme their wedding around extinct reptiles, periodic tables or Schroedinger's cat (I now pronounce you man and wife, and also not man and wife...), but I know I'm not alone in letting my career passions spill across my personal life like an upturned inkwell. If I've once again neglected to keep this blog updated regularly it is because, between finishing my degree, changing jobs and preparing to move to Bristol to start an MSc, I've also been planning a wedding.

A Giant Sciencey wedding.
Jessica and Mike have chemistry.
In researching how to carry out our wedding (sounds like I'm talking about an experiment here) I found that there are plenty of other couples deemed odd by the rest of society for wanting to include both of their great loves in their big day (that's science and their partner, just to clarify). Like the chemists who had their wedding at the Science Museum of Minnesota (left), the researchers who had amoeba thank you cards, or the guy who forged his wedding ring out a meteorite.

Waveform wedding rings
If you've misplaced your meteorite, you can always have the waveform of your voice saying the words "I do" cut into your wedding bands. I'm especially jealous of the LA Natural History Museum wedding (below), complete with diorama backdrops and paper masks; very Wicker Man. The Natural History Museum in London does hire out it's hall for weddings. It looks stupendous and I'd love to have Charlie D presiding over my reception, but the £19,000 price tag is approximately 9.5 times over my budget.
It's time to keep your appointment with the LA natural History Museum...

It would appear that dinosaur lovers are a breed apart when it comes to this kind of thing. I'd say we are the geeks of the science world (and I mean this as a massive compliment) and like film, comic and gamer geeks, we just can't let something like a wedding go by without stamping our fanaticism all over it.

No one wants to be seated at the
Pantydraco table...
Whether it is naming your tables after dinosaurs (left), sending out sauropod-stationary, or creating an especially garish dino-cake - complete with dinosaur bride and groom cake toppers - there appears to be no stone left unturned (little geo-joke there) for those with a taste for the Tyrannosaur.

Of course I'm not going to pretend it is all tasteful, but by gum it's a talking point.
Pretty awesome, but...

The one that hit the headlines recently was the couple who had their wedding photo taken with a furious T-rex chasing down the wedding party. As is so often the case with the news, it had been done previously. They weren't the first ones to think of it, and they won't be the last, but I for one would love a shot like this for my special day. (If that's too scary for you, try this instead).

...these guys did it better.
Thankfully my partner is also on the geek-spectrum, and this appears to be the key: all of the weddings I've mentioned needed mutual geekdom in order to come to fruition. It's hard to convince your spouse to put two theropod skeletons holding a love-heart on your wedding invites if they don't share your interests.
All I can say is this bodes well for us as a couple. I don't want to give too much away in case some of my family read this, but I can confirm that extinct animals will be attending our big day, and our guests might run across the front lawn towards the camera flailing their arms and screaming..

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